honey bees

A Nectar Substitute that Works

The processed sugar found in stores do not provide the nutrients needed for a healthy bee colony to thrive, and it’s necessary to find an appropriate nectar substitute that can counter the harmful effects of toxic environmental pathogens such as germs and pesticides.  Learn about a nectar substitute that’s got apiarists around the US talking – Nectar Gold, the world’s first organic natural nectar substitute shown to increase bee vitality and productivity. Continue reading

How to feed honey bees

You’re new to the world of honey bees, and the new colony being established needs to be fed in order to provide a steady flow of energy to produce new brood, wax honeycomb, and other essentials necessary for a healthy happy hive.  Here are several different techniques you can use to feed your bees eitherdirectly or indirectly.  Some of the feeding techniques require little to no skill, while some may require some basic carpentry skills. Continue reading