Feed Honey Bees

A Nectar Substitute that Works

The processed sugar found in stores do not provide the nutrients needed for a healthy bee colony to thrive, and it’s necessary to find an appropriate nectar substitute that can counter the harmful effects of toxic environmental pathogens such as germs and pesticides.  Learn about a nectar substitute that’s got apiarists around the US talking – Nectar Gold, the world’s first organic natural nectar substitute shown to increase bee vitality and productivity. Continue reading

Nectar Gold: The Organic Nectar Substitute

Introducing the alternative to sugar water you’ve been looking for:  Nectar Gold Organic Nectar Substitute, a revolutionary compound that mimics nectar found in nature.  When you’re starting a new bee colony, need to strengthen a weak one, or simply want to keep a healthy hive thriving, Nectar Gold is the solution.  Created through extensive study of natural nectars throughout the globe and tested with a wide variety of honey bees, Nectar Gold has been shown to increase bee activity, wax production, immune response, larval growth rates, and extended worker life span. Continue reading