Organic Cane Sugar Juice: The Superior Alternative

At some point all apiarists must feed their bees, and most use the same granular sugar you find on your kitchen table.  Did you know that organic, evaporated sugar cane juice is a healthier alternative that may cost a little more, but yields impressive results when fed to honey bees.

The processed sugar commonly found on store shelves are a poor substitute for natural alternatives.  With the purification process involved in the creation of granular sugar, the beneficial minerals, enzymes, and biological components found in naturally occurring sugars are removed leaving only the worst materials behind.  This process can also leave behind residues which can be toxic to honey bees.

So how can we sustain our bees without the use of inferior nectar replacements.  The best alternative is to use a true Organic Nectar Substitute like Nectar Gold to provide an excellent balance of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that make honey bees thrive.  However if this is unavailable the alternative is an evaporated sugar cane juice, which is the actual plant juices dried naturally vs the mechanized dirty process found in the previously discussed traditional sugar.

If Nectar Gold is not available, finding an organic substitute to your regular sugar can be both beneficial and rewarding to your bee populations.

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