Nectar Gold Increases Metabolic Activity in Honey Bees?

When developing Nectar Gold, we looked at thousands of natural compounds and analyzed hundreds of nectar samples to determine the most effective combination to produce the highest levels of increased gain for honey bee populations.  Never during our investigation did we believe that we’d see such a beneficial increase in activity and metabolism in our experimental colonies.  Turns out, we weren’t the only ones.

Apiarists around the globe using Nectar Gold have reported increased activity throughout the season, but the numbers are in.  Honey bee colonies treated with Nectar Gold as a feed replacement have been shown to experience increased benefits including:

-  Extended worker life

-  Increased nectar and pollen harvest

-  20-25% increased honey harvest vs non Nectar Gold seasons

-  More vital, healthy, and energetic bees.

If you’re an apiarist, either a professional or amateur, Nectar Gold will provide you a powerful boost each season.  Get a sample of Nectar Gold today and discover just how beneficial it can be for you.

2 Responses to “Nectar Gold Increases Metabolic Activity in Honey Bees?”

  1. bobby williams says:

    Sure would like to try some nectar gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nectar Gold says:

    Thanks Bobby – love the enthusiasm! Now is your chance to stock up for the 2012 season – we are currently accepting pre-orders at our Buy page – and at just $34.99 per 16 oz bottle you’re getting the highest quality organic nectar substitute at prices direct from the manufacturer.

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