Get more productivity out of your honey bees

There are a lot of threats to the honey bee population, and keeping your bees healthy and happy is essential to a successful honey harvest and keeping your colonies thriving.  Regular feedings of Nectar Gold, the Organic Nectar Substitute has been shown to increase the overall health of colonies while increasing individual worker vitality.  Queens have been observed laying more eggs that are vibrant, robust, and fast maturing.

Apiarists across the United States and the globe are reporting positive results from the use of Nectar Gold, and we encourage you to try a sample and see the powerful benefits your honey bees experience.  With the threat of external toxins, parasites, invaders, and unexplained phenomenon like colony collapse disorder, having natural defense mechanisms are essential.  Order Nectar Gold today and see the difference.

2 Responses to “Get more productivity out of your honey bees”

  1. Yayan says:

    I have built a warre with two hive boxes for my back yard but have not yet aquired any bees. My qoeitsun is, specifically, hows one install bees into a warre hive? Do you just dump in the top hive box or perhaps remove a few top bars and load them through that space into the next box down? Please let me know. Gerry

    • Nectar Gold says:

      Great Question – The easiest way to install bees within a Warre hive is to setup the two boxes, with only the bars in the bottom box. Then, you’ll want to remove the bars out of the top box. This creates a “funnel” of which you simply dump the bees inside; be sure to spray them thoroughly with a sugar water mix (you can always add Nectar Gold as well!) to pacify them. Once inside replace the top bars (one with the queen) and put the top on. Place the package that contained your bees beside the entrance to allow the remaining bees to move inside their new home.

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