Don’t feed your bees honey!

Unless you can verify the honey as pure and from a direct source you know, feeding honey to bees can be one of the most potentially destructive things an apiarist can do.  Recent studies have discovered that the majority of honey found on shopping shelves cannot be classified as genuine honey due to the lack of pollen.  This lack of tracking means any of the samples could be tainted with foul brood or other damaging foreign pathogens.

What’s even scarier is the sheer number of honey bee colonies destroyed by apiarists just trying to provide a superior feed alternative to sugar water blends.  The verdict?  While commercial honey may be a delicious additive to baked goods, teas, and coffees – it is not the best way to keep your bees energized and productive.  If you experience nectar shortages at any time during the season or find yourself feeding your colonies, Nectar Gold is the proven alternative.  Visit a certified dealer or order Nectar Gold for your colonies today and see how effective the worlds first organic natural nectar substitute can be.

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