Bee Productivity

A Nectar Substitute that Works

The processed sugar found in stores do not provide the nutrients needed for a healthy bee colony to thrive, and it’s necessary to find an appropriate nectar substitute that can counter the harmful effects of toxic environmental pathogens such as germs and pesticides.  Learn about a nectar substitute that’s got apiarists around the US talking – Nectar Gold, the world’s first organic natural nectar substitute shown to increase bee vitality and productivity. Continue reading

10 Tips for healthy honey bees

Apiarists across the globe are faced with many threats during the season including foulbrood, hive beetles, viral infections and a host of other dangerous invaders.  That’s why it’s important to have every possible method of keeping your colonies healthy at your disposal.  Here are several simple steps you can take to ensure healthier hives year round.

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Get more productivity out of your honey bees

There are a lot of threats to the honey bee population, and keeping your bees healthy and happy is essential to a successful honey harvest and keeping your colonies thriving.  Regular feedings of Nectar Gold, the Organic Nectar Substitute has been shown to increase the overall health of colonies while increasing individual worker vitality.  Queens have been observed laying more eggs that are vibrant, robust, and fast maturing. Continue reading