Order Nectar Gold for your Honey Bees

Created by Georgia Beekeepers in association with Doctors of Naturopathy, Nectar GoldTM has been shown to increase honey bee activity, wax production, and to increase lifespan by as much as 20%. Nectar GoldLLC  is one of the world’s first pioneers in formulating an organic nectar substitute for honey bees.  This unique combination contains the same amino acids, enzymes, and minerals found in the nectar harvested by bees in nature.

Use Nectar GoldTM to achieve maximum results with strong and weak colonies alike.  When Nectar GoldTM is combined with raw organic sugar, the full potential is unleashed.  Weekly feedings of Nectar GoldTM produces noticeable gains in hive vitality.

Apiarists around the globe prefer Nectar Gold.  Their bee colonies consistently perform longer, harder, and better regardless of environmental changes.  See for yourself how effective Nectar GoldTM can be on your honey bees.

Stock up and have a great 2013 season!

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