A Nectar Substitute that Works

The processed sugar found in stores do not provide the nutrients needed for a healthy bee colony to thrive, and it’s necessary to find an appropriate nectar substitute that can counter the harmful effects of toxic environmental pathogens such as germs and pesticides.  Learn about a nectar substitute that’s got apiarists around the US talking – Nectar Gold, the world’s first organic natural nectar substitute shown to increase bee vitality and productivity.

All successful honey bee colonies require nectar to thrive.  Many times during the year, natural nectar is available through flowers and trees.  However, during the development phase of a hive and the “dry seasons” when it’s too hot for nectar to exist, a substitute is necessary to keep the bees from consuming their valuable honey stores.  Making sure the substitute is high quality is important for several reasons.

1.  Bees will use this for food – a substitute must have the nutrients and amino acids present in naturally occurring nectars.

2.  Bees will make this into honey – if you’ll be consuming this, it’s important that it is chemically similar to the real thing.

3.  Future colony generations will use this – when the dry season is over, you’ll want the next generation of workers to be healthy and more able to successfully perform their duties.

4.  Healthy bees are more productive – studies have shown that bees fed with the right nutrients consistently perform better and with less infection rates than standard hives.

Nectar Gold provides the essentials your honey bees need to perform at peak efficiency.  Whether you’re using granulated sugar or evaporated cane sugar juice, Nectar Gold provides the nutrients and minerals necessary for bee health.  Bee keepers around the country are using Nectar Gold with amazing results – something worth thinking about.

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