10 Tips for healthy honey bees

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  1. Pierre says:

    It is incredible to see how in the space of a month the hives have deeolvped totally different characters, and yes as Brian says one hive is vey feisty, and the other much more gentle but now without a queen. It is a temendous learning experience for all of us adults and young people from Global Generation. Each week Brians colourful stories illuminating the science of bees become a reality as we eagerly peer inside our beautiful cedar hives to record the amount of nectar, larvae, capped brood and honey. This week there was enough honey for a mini harvest and we also discovered about six queen cells on one of the frames. So it looks like there’s a battle ahead, as they work out which one will rule the hive.

    • Nectar Gold says:

      Cedar is the best way to build a hive; and allowing nature to find the most robust queens is the only way to go. When the nectar flows, harvest as much as you can and take advantage of those bees hard work!

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